This VR film premiered at Vancouver Film Festival October 2017 and is available to watch in 360° video below.

It was recently nominated for a One World Media Award in the 'Digital Media Award' category sponsored by Google.

It is also available on the Facebook pages of AJ+, AlJazeera English, and Amnesty International and has amassed over 2.5 million views thus far.

Al-Jazeera's ContrastVR commissioned One Third Blue to create animated VR art for their latest VR documentary 'Oil in Our Creeks.' The VR film follows Lessi through her village, to the farm and into the creeks and classrooms as she shows us both the environmental devastation and the youth who provide her community with a sense of hope. Experience 180 degrees of intense landscape shots from the present showing the effects of the oil spill fused with 180 degrees of animation to show how the community appeared before the spill for a full 360 degrees of immersion. 'Oil In Our Creeks' surrounds viewers with that past, present and future of a community grappling with the very local impact of the global oil trade.


Press Coverage

“When asked about the difference between creating animations for 2D linear video, and for 3D 360 video, Haddad broke it down to the following categories: [Mindset, agency, narrative]…”

“The documentary “Oil in Our Creeks” shows what happened to a small town in Nigeria after a pipeline spill. Contrast VR editorial lead Zahra Rasool thinks a more immersive platform is the best way to tell that story.”

“The film is the first virtual reality documentary to fuse 180-degree present-day landscape shots with 180 degrees of animation to create an immersive 360-degree experience. All of the illustrations were hand painted and scanned over the 360 footage.”

“[We split] the 360 screen into 180/180. On one side you’re seeing the live action footage and on the other side we’ve created through animated art which was done by really talented animator Angela Haddad what the community looks like…before the oil spill.” – Zahra Rasool, Editorial Lead