AlJazeera (AJ+, ContrastVR) wanted to tell the story of the modern-day disastrous repercussions of an oil spill in Nigeria that happened a decade ago. In order to empower the narrative with impact, we created this experience in 360° Virtual Reality, driving home a stark contrast: 180° of the sphere allowed the live action footage to play as is (showcasing real imagery of the crisis-ridden land), while the other 180° of live action footage was amplified with vibrant illustrations showcasing what the land looked like before the crisis.

'Oil In Our Creeks' surrounds viewers with that past, present and future of a community grappling with the very local impact of the global oil trade.

This 360° VR experience premiered at Vancouver Film Festival October 2017 and is available on the Facebook pages of AJ+, AlJazeera English, and Amnesty International. It has amassed over 3 million views thus far. The experience won the One World Media Award in the 'Digital Media Award' category sponsored by Google.

To view the full experience, please visit AJ+, AlJazeera English, or Amnesty International. To view the trailer, please keep scrolling.

trailer -

from the press -

“When asked about the difference between creating animations for 2D linear video, and for 3D 360 video, Haddad broke it down to the following categories: [Mindset, agency, narrative]…”

– AlJazeera

“The film is the first virtual reality documentary to fuse 180-degree present-day landscape shots with 180 degrees of animation to create an immersive 360-degree experience. All of the illustrations were hand painted and scanned over the 360 footage.”

– Haptical

Director: Zahra Rasool
Editor: Maria Lauret

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